8mm Eight axis CNC pressure, twist spring machine


brief introduction:


1,It could make torision spring directly while others before can not.

2,it solves the problem of precision and stability decrease after half years using which will cause serious affection.

3, Convince in test: when testing spring machine, operator only inputs spring data to computer , then it could make the spring that you want, sometimes it needs one or twice to revise data. It solves the recent spring machine testing problems that adjust mechanical components while revising computer data.

4, High cost performance: with more axis, it could make springs in different ways while price is approx to five axis spring machine.


wire diameter: 2-8

Spring diameter:8-110

Feeding: any

Convolution: 4-14(if add acessories it could reach 3 to 14)

Feeding speed: <70 meter/min

Feeding precision: ±0.1

Length: 0-50

Axis: 8

Shape dimension2700*1100*1900


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