Ten three-axis coil spring machine (medium),
SKJ-10220A Ten three-axis coil spring machine (medium),
Brand A fool Species Spring Machine
Model SKJ-10220A Alias Computer Spring Machine
Use Various spiral springs (such as compression spring, circlip, tower spring, drum spring, the concave spring, isometric and non isometric and compact and does not and tight, left and right spring and combination) Motor Power 110(kw)
Dimensions 3400*1600*2600(mm) Weight 15(t)

I. Introduction: 
 My company production fool brand ten axis CNC machine, the coil spring has the following features:
1, Kong Zhi volume control system using closed-loop simulation can be greatly enhanced system accuracy and reliability to overcome the current domestic CNC spring coiling machine uses open-loop or pulse control Er Daozhishebei used for some time, the processing precision and stability of the Chu Lai in the spring decline in serious consequences.
2, the transmission design and software development, not only completely changed the current thinking CNC spring coiling bodies, creating a unique and optimal design error by computer CNC spring machine and the current comparison, accuracy and stability greatly improved. So: the user during use, if one can exceed the quality of our factory, the factory can return within two weeks.
3, high degree of automation, machine wire from the body than is shaping up between the start of spring, the core components of electric and 11 servo motor are all made in Japan. Workers do not have direct contact with operating equipment, as long as the spring when the spring debugging parameters: wire diameter, outer diameter of each circle, each circle pitch (length), wire tensile strength (or hardness) of the data entered into the computer, most computer A secondary data can be modified to produce a spring you need, not only can save material and time to debug, but the operation can greatly reduce the labor intensity, lower literacy skills of workers on the operational requirements. Is a high-precision, high efficiency, long life spring processing equipment.
     4 and the product promotion by zhejiang technology market - - - identification technology in domestic leading level. In zhejiang province was made for science and technology in the new product trial plan.

Second, the performance:
Wire diameter :9-20
Spring diameter :45-240
Send length: any :4-12
 than for the convolution
Sending speed: <50m / min
Production: <50 pieces / min
Control axes: 10 axes
Operator: students' cultural requirements
Intellectual property rights: 4 patent for invention patents of utility model and 7
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